Joining ARCS

ARCS Club dues are $80 per year plus a one-time $20.00 initiation fee. Dues plus initiation fee will be $60 if you join on or after the 1st of July.  You must attend a regular scheduled club meeting to apply for membership. Please see the “Upcoming Events” Page for meeting dates.  Potential new members must show proof of AMA membership to join and remain an ARCS member.  AMA can be reached at the following web site:

Potential new members are presented to the group as the second agenda item. We ask them to give a short introduction about themselves, and after they pay their dues and fees plus submit a completed new member application, a secret ballot is taken by the members present, on accepting them into the club. (Over the past 10 years no applicant has been denied membership. We are a pretty friendly group.)

You may request an ARCS application for membership, by sending an email to Tim Flanagan which you may print, fill out and bring to the next meeting.  You may visit our field by following the map found on the “Map To Our Flying Field” page of this web site.

If you already are a member of the AMA, you may fly at our field, for up to three sessions when accompanied by an ARCS member.  To set up an appointment with an ARCS member, call Tim Flanagan at 803-262-5070.